11 10, 2012

{Little love} Camden

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Happy Birthday big boy! I can’t believe this little one is already a year old. I first met Cimberly and Chris back in 2009 when Ian and I made a wedding film for them! Now look at their cute little family. What a little bundle of cuteness they have on their hands. Camden is so [...]

11 10, 2012

{Fall} The Binns Family!

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I just love the Binns family! This is the second year doing fall photos for them. They are just so much fun and their boys could not get any cuter. I’m a little biased because I call it home, but Lowell is such a beautiful place in the fall, and I was so happy to [...]

9 10, 2012

{Fall} The Krieger Family!

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I don’t think we could have chosen a better night to do these fall family photos! Such amazing color. Leah and Ethan are so fun, I could have played all evening in the leaves with them! I hope you enjoy your family photos Krieger family! […]

31 10, 2011

Roberts & Pride Families {Fall}

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This Saturday I took a trip down to MSU to photograph two families together! These families were a great group and we had fun walking around the park at Beaumont tower. We lucked out on the rain and it turned out to be a beautiful fall afternoon! Their kiddos are just beautiful and I had [...]

31 10, 2011

Camden {Little love}

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Little Camden joined Cimberly and Chris about three weeks ago, and the new family had me over for a few shots in their home. I love the joy and excitement new parents have all over their faces, despite the tiredness, you can always tell how excited and in love they are with their little one. [...]

31 10, 2011

Kidd Family {Fall}

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When Matt and Kadee asked me to do photos of their little family, I couldn’t have been more excited. Their little one is such a doll, and their story is inspiring. We found the perfect little apple orchard, and got some incredible light at just the right time. I had a lot of fun with [...]

27 10, 2011

Huhn Family {Fall}

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This Sunday was a beautiful day for a trip to the park with my good friends the Huhn family. Their clan of kiddos are so fun. I love shooting pictures of little Anika, she loves the camera, and was just so full of excitement for our session! As our fall days are limited, it was [...]

29 05, 2011

maggie: 3 months

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Little Maggie is one tough girl, she’s got two big brothers in the house! We wanted to go all girlie though and show her princess side today. She is such a sweet little girl, and while she showed her diva side a little during our session, we managed to get some great shots! We got [...]

30 01, 2011

Maternity Photos: The Barnstable’s

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This afternoon I had the privilege to visit the Barnstable Family for a maternity/family session. It was so much fun to see Sam and Ben and how big they are getting! They are such a cute family, and I’m sure these little guys are going to be GREAT big brothers. They already have a nickname [...]