{Winter Love}

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from my good friend Amy of Amy Carroll Photography and the subject line said, “Crazy, I know”. I knew this was going to be fun. Amy and I have been planning to put a project together for a while and this was just the time to do it. Within a week she had collaborated everything from set ideas to hair, makeup and wardrobe! We needed something to brighten up this dull, down-time in our schedules!

Enter Daisy of Pixel&Hank, Stacy Jensen, with fabulous makeup and hair skills, September’s Bride for giving us an awesome tux that would go perfectly with the polka-dot bow tie from Daisy, and of course, Matt and Jen who were way brave getting out there and freezing with us!

Of course a big huge thank you to Amy’s parents who let a troop of girls take over their house and property, and to Nancy for the wonderful chicken soup to warm us up after shooting! It was such a fun day, and I hope you enjoy the video and photos. Be sure to click on the link below to check out all of Amy’s photos!

Check out all of Amy’s photos online here!

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