Rocking the mini session- For Families!

There are lots of blog posts out there for photographers wanting to get the best out of their fall mini-sessions. However, I can’t find many guides for families wanting to make the most of their mini sessions, so I thought I’d make a quick guide Families.

Weather you’ve signed up for a session with me, or someone else, good for you. I’m happy you’re making your familie’s photos a priority and I hope this is helpful.

Don’t make everyone wear the same thing. This is the #1 fear I have. Every family member showing up in a white T-shirt so they “match”. Going with outfits in the same color family or group is great. Everyone wearing the same exact thing is not so great. Mix it up, wear outfits that compliment each other. Need help? Ask!

Arrive a few minutes early. Mini sessions are usually scheduled back to back and arriving late can cut into the time for your session. Running late makes everyone stressed out. Plan for a few minutes early to get those kids out of the car, stretch your legs, fix those flyaway hairs, and relax.

Don’t stress. I know you don’t take photos of your family often. You want that outfit to be perfect, the kids to be fantastic, the hair to be amazing. Aim to pull those outfits together, but don’t stress about them not matching perfectly. (Actually, it’s better if they don’t!) The reality is, if you  have children, there will always be elements of surprise. Someone might get food on their shirt in the car. Someone might cry. This is okay. Roll with it!

Don’t smile at the camera for every single photo. #seriously. I love my client’s smiling faces. I love it more when it’s natural. I might tell you to look at each other, talk, walk, pretend I’m not there. These are my favorite photos. Natural, real life, smiles and moments with your crew. I might shoot while you’re getting in position for that next shot, spreading out the blanket, or fixing hair. These are sometimes the best shots.

In closing, I really hope you enjoy your mini-session this year. Enjoy the time with your family and your photographer. Most of all- Have Fun!

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