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Okay guys, we are spreading the word this September about something pretty important. Water.

Yup. It’s a simple thing – but so important. I don’t talk much about anything personal here but what good is a business that isn’t doing good?

For some time, I’ve followed the efforts of companies like charity:water and their efforts to bring clean water to those in need. Imagine spending hours of your day just traveling back and forth to find a well with clean water. On a daily basis we take for granted that tap, the bottle of water or that water pitcher that cleans our water in 30 seconds.

Here’s our chance to make a difference. To build a well. To give someone what feels like a new life by having a close, clean, water source. Charity: water is campaigning the month of September and shutter speed is in. I’m committing a portion of all my shoots this month to the champaign. Everyone has something. What will you do? #nothingiscrazy

Consider even $1, and join shutter speed in this effort. Be a part of something big and make a difference.

To donate to our campaign, click here.

To learn more about charity:water and the projects and exact locations they are building wells, visit charity:water.


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